14 Lessons for 2014

January 1, 2014

Early mornings here in Montana are absolutely lovely, especially in the winters when the sun creeps up slowly, and I wake to snow falling (which seems to make this place even more quiet than it already is.) Its been the perfect time + place to think about the year past, and the year ahead. We took a lovely walk above the valley this morning, and did just that.

Wandering among the trees, this great video on mistakes (watch it. Absolutely – it’s one of my all time favorites.) came to mind. In it, the videographer makes a metaphor about regret as if it were a blemish on the bark of a sapling. As a tree grows, the blemishes on this outer skin doesn’t shrink (though it may darken) and instead, the tree will just continue to grow up and around it, sprouting branches, becoming taller and thus, those blemishes just becomes a less prominent part of the saplings façade. Perhaps our experiences as humans are similar; we may not have the ability to erase our regrets, missed experiences, memories, mistakes or moments but we can expect that they will shrink in comparison to the sum of our life experiences as we grow. This has been a HUGE year for us – we did a lot, saw /achieved /overcame /experienced /endured a lot. And as we walked, we wondered how these things – mistakes, moments, and memories – would feel a few years into the future.

Looking back on my early January posts from the last few years, I notice some similarities: I’m always anticipating that life will slow, and always hope that as it does, I will be brave enough not to “self-arrest” as exciting things start shifting beneath me. In 2013, I learned for sure that life has not slowed, in fact, it has only started moving faster. I also learned that the speed and intensity of this life is relative, and based on just how balanced and graceful I feel. Here are 14 other little lessons gleaned from 2013 that I’m carrying into the year ahead:

  1. Everything – the entire universe is changing constantly. Embrace it.
  2. The seed of an idea can be a force powerful beyond your imagination. Be mindful of where you plant seeds, and where you allow them to grow.
  3. Seek comfort in the uncomfortable. At every opportunity.
  4. The way you see the world has everything to do with the opportunities you see before you. Envision plenty. 
  5. If you don’t buy a ticket, you’ll never win the lottery. Buy that ticket.
  6. Mediocrity is highly accepted. The pursuit of perfection matters.
  7. Strike deprivation from your life. This goes for love, well-being, and cookies alike.
  8. The thing that you want beyond all logic, reason, discouragement, and even smidgens of doubt is the thing you MUST obtain. Don’t ignore it. This goes for fabulous shoes as well as big, lofty dreams.
  9. Whether they be people, places, things, or experiences, be brave enough to strike energy-drainers from your life.
  10. All stress – physical, emotional, mental, tangible or subliminal – is stress, and requires recovery.
  11. Sometimes, when you push to the edge of our limits we fall over the cliff. But always, the edges of our limits expand. Embrace the fall, and stand up with open eyes.
  12. The most important relationships are those that educate you, challenge you, embrace you for who you are and yet and require you to be the best person you could ever be. Hang onto them with all that you have.
  13. There is nothing you “should” do besides trust – and listen deeply – to yourself.
  14. Strive to be one of the rare people who don’t know how to quit (unless it really is time to quit.)


I hope that these are helpful for you, dear readers, as you kickstart your 2014. And, I hope that you, like I, are convinced that your life is the type where anything — including all the BEST — can happen.

Happy New Year!  — xo L

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    Love this post! Great things to think about as we enter 2014… grazie!

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