A Favorite Pastry for Fig + Berry Galette

September 18, 2011

Love/Hate. Indian summer turns to fall. Apples arrive, with pumpkins and spices, crisp breezes and the sun hitting the windows just right. At the same time, the berries that would stain my mouth and fingers if I wasn’t such a compulsive hand + face washer, and the figs that seem to ALWAYS have a pint of must fade into the colors of that same Indian summer well spent.

So, I’ve been eyeing the last, most ripe baskets of the latter. Making jam, freezing berries for winter pies, and playing with whimsy and figs. I couldn’t resist the urge to put together something special for the last Team Clif dinner before we head out into the wilds of Northern California on Climate Ride next week. And, of course, to showcase my favorite fruits to my favorite nuts…ie: friends.

Every chef has their “crust” recipes. And this is the one that I love love love for pie. This multigrain pie crust is a good standard too. But I like this lemon thyme one because its so surprisingly different. This is absolutely the most versatile crust you will ever make. Its easy to work with, even though it is made with real butter (ie: IS real) (this is possibly because it contains a scant amount of alcohol with inhibits the gluten in the pastry,) and always turns out impossibly flaky.

Plus, I love the kick of the lemon thyme with the contents of the pie, but you could experiment with other herbs. This addition means that the crust would work just as well as a quiche crust as it would for a pie. Lastly, rye makes for a slightly heartier, nuttier flavor than other whole grains and finds its way perfectly at home here without making the crust mouthy or too hefty. Of course, use the freshest, juiciest berries and figs you can find (I opted for raspberries, but any berry will do beautifully.) You’re sure not to be disappointed.



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