A Whirl of Difference

May 12, 2010

I’ve been BOUNCING a bit lately. I’m not sure how else to describe it.

My mind, my body, my focus – moving from one moving target to another.

Those of you that know me recognize that this is business as usual; unexpected career changes, international relocations, crazy endurance goals and spiritual revelations. Welcoming earth shaking change into life seems to be “how I roll.” Long ago, somewhere deep within my being, I kicked open the door to opportunity; became a little sponge to soak up everything, anything that I could. It means not standing on completely solid ground all the time. Lots of uncertainty in this business. And, sometimes, business is a bit more bouncy than usual.

At the beginning of this year, my plans to open up a bakery closed down for logical reasons. The “bouncing” has not ended and a brick and mortar business just doesn’t belong in the picture right now. Just days after deciding not to open, D began job hunting again. And I began job hunting again.

Our search took us to Hawaii and California this spring. While D was holding business meetings on a surfboard, I was trying on aprons, and yoga mats all over town, all the while staying intent and focused on my upcoming performance at the Boston Marathon. Come the blooms of spring, I gathered my thoughts and my racing gear and flew back East. I went, I saw, I conquered.

In those crazy weeks, my love for running, for competing and continuing to pursue bigger, FASTER goals prevailed and solidified the fact that this love, this forward movement will remain a fixture in my life (on the forefront and the sidelines) well into the horizon. Little did I know that as I was focused on the finish line at 26.2, that horizon was becoming more defined.

I relaxed after the race with my mother, traveling upstate New York, visiting friends in Boston, and making a quick stop in New York City. A week long journey containing details which I WILL detail in the upcoming weeks…now that the dust is settling.

Returning home, I unpacked, and repacked a suitcase, flying to Berkeley, CA (aka the ever-defining horizon) for a quick 48 hours of interviewing with one of the premier active, multisport travel companies in the world. Yes. Out of a complete whirl of wind, and focus, and shifting ground came the opportunity that I have been looking for. Or maybe, the one that has been looking for me.

It appears that much was accomplished while I was “whirlwinding,” bouncing around — and I didn’t even know it. Bouncing to Hawaii, Los Angeles, stressing out about applications, trying on hats — all “unfruitful.” Except that trying on these lifestyles for size did reveal my true nature; OUR true nature. A position that fits me like a glove. And so, I am not all together surprised that I have a new position, with a very cool company.

Yet again, from one of our whirls, a few layers have been sloughed off enough to reveal a completely new life lying beneath. As if I’ve been tossed, spun around like a little kid trying to whack a pinata, stopped by the shoulders and had my blindfold removed. Stumbling, giggling with the new world view I see behind my own eyes. Excited to have my balance back enough so that I can see what sweet treats are falling from the chasm of paper that hangs above me, my whack dead on.

And so, slowly, surely, and with excitement, we’re sweeping out the remains of those shed layers of life and stepping into these new pants, new shoes, whathaveyou. First and foremost, traveling – while cycling, multisporting, and exploring – is now my JOB in a sense much larger and more obligatory than before, Closets are being cleaned out to streamline wardrobes, and turn them into functional suitcases in and of themselves. Languages are being tucked into my toolbox as well as bike maintenance skills and local guidebooks. Derek and I are preparing for times apart again, though there won’t be any bullets flying at my head as there were his. (Insert DEEP breath.)

Taking on this new role with the company has meant shifting my racing focus, yet broadening my athletic goals as I will now have the resources to take on “A” races at different times in the year, perhaps more time to place specific focus (instead of BOUNCING about distances and events all summer.)

For my yoga practice, this means shifting my aim from practicing each day for explorations’ sake and sharing my practice through enLiten Yoga to taking my practice on the road. Learning to maintain a dedicated yoga practice, spiritual focus while my work shifts beneath me.

My writing, photography, and culinary exploits will be launched in full with this new role. Traveling the world, and helping other travelers to find new eyes will certainly enhance the way that I share my adventures and I am very excited for that.

This is not the first time that I have woken up from one of our “whirls” to find that life is really changing, but this feels like a monumental shift. A welcome one. One that I am happy to embrace by reorganizing my brain, body, focus, lifestyle. Its very exciting and I feel very lucky to call this life my own.

Many of our friends and family add a giggle, or several consecutive question marks after their inquiry “What’s going on for you guys?” And, I usually reply with a giggle, an eye roll, a small sigh of my own before I enter the deluge of possibilities that are our reality. I can’t quite imagine “catch up” sessions without the scenario that I describe above anymore, also because I really can’t imagine NOT kicking open the door of possibility, NOT welcoming the winds of change, not participating in these spinning scenarios where the outcome is completely, wonderfully nebulous.

Welcoming the change and embracing it can be a bit of a whirl; but doing so makes a WHIRL of difference.

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