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Chicory and Nori Salad w/Avocado + Hazelnuts

Sometimes, the little inconsistencies of travel are what fuel my curiosity and makes travel exciting and fun. In Italy, “where will I find coffee?”  In Turkey, “how do I order a pastry?”  In Japan, “is this toothpaste or spackling for the tub?”  But sometimes,…

July 13, 2017

Double Vanilla (Vegan!) Marshmallows for Campfires

The little things are really big things. I’m not sure that this would have been the takeaway for the onlooker, peeking over my shoulder at Rapha Rides last weekend, but it was exactly what came to mind when I finally settled into my seat…

June 17, 2017

My Almond Butter + Chia Airport Oatmeal

As I type this, I’m 30,000 feet up in the air (which seems to be the only time I find to write recipes + share things with you here. Yipes.) I’m headed to California to ride 300 miles in 3 days w/250 amazing culinary…

May 15, 2017