Favorites List 5.9.2014 || Good Reads + Recipes in My Pocket

May 9, 2014

I never seem to have enough time to read these days, no matter how good my intentions are, no matter how much time I try to set aside. There is just too much I want to devour; between the daily newspaper, books, blogs, magazines, emails…it’s just too much. But I’m not willing to let any of it fall by the wayside. In addition to being an Evernote addict, I’ve started using a handy little app to keep track of all the things I want to read and check out, later. Pocket is this sweet little app that will save web pages, blog posts, articles, you-name-it with just the tap of a button; if I’m perusing Twitter on my iPhone and find something interesting, I save it to Pocket. If I’m scanning through email and find an article or piece I really want to get to, it is saved to Pocket as well. That stack of recipes I find when poking around the internet? That gets saved to Pocket too. And, if I’m reading the NY Times Magazine on my iPad, but want to finish reading an article and share it with a friend, I save it to Pocket and can push it to Evernote later if I really love it.

I’m on the road these next couple weeks with these guys again, cooking, riding and being part of all this good stuff. And so there are a few flights, many nights in hotel rooms, and cars, getting from this place to that. For as much as I love being part of it all, I really need quiet time during these times away from home to recharge my batteries. Sometimes I get it on the bike, being outside. But often, its not until the house is quiet, the work for the day is done, and I’m laying in bed that I get a chance to catch up with myself and when I finally get this time, I usually open up Pocket and see what goodies are waiting for me. I’ve had a chance to enjoy these readables the past few days and my reads + recipes were:

Why The Cast Iron Skillet is the Only Kitchen Tool You’ll Ever Need. And shakshuka to make in it.

Ted King’s thoughts on what it means to be a pro cyclist. 

How to be a better leader….by being a great follower.

A Letter: To My Sweet Boy

Anthony: Under the Volcano

Perfection? Hint: Its warm and has a secret. Read, and then go bake this, this this

Quest: Kill Gatorade

On Hunger.

Where to find the BEST croissants in Paris.






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