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January 8, 2015

In new years’ past, I’ve relinquished resolutions. I’ve hatched new ideas about the future on remote beaches, dug into the next trip ’round the sun, and learned my lessons from trips that were more whirlwindish than I had wanted. Those years, I wasn’t imagining the door of a year past to slam shut, while a bright shiny new door opened; I was passing through all the doors faster, and less mind fully, as I would like. 

As the clock ticked over into 2015, I was half waiting for some big epiphany to come upon me, like an antsy, eagerness deep within to come bubbling out, and to feel a fresh start dawning on me.  But….none of that ever happened. In these first days of the New Year, I haven’t felt the need to dig deep or make promises to myself to do something, be something, or live someway differently. It’s a bit of a relief, but it also has had me wondering why; it was never that the time itself was changing. It was that I was, and this year, something just….didn’t.

It’s not a obstinant resistance to resolve. It isn’t a lack of dedication, or an overwhelming feeling of strength or weakness. In fact, it feels like the opposite; I don’t feel like time is pushing me around, and I know that I can’t push it around either. No matter how productive, progressive, obsessive or focused I am, I can’t make more time. In the years where I deliberately TRIED to be those things, the time did nothing but get away from me, like a child playing a game with her overbearing parent. And, when I look around me now, I realize that it was just fine for me to not hold all the cards; life is good. We’ve landed (at last!) in a place that makes us really happy. And the world feels like our oyster to explore. And so while some of those old resolutions could be categorized as “failures,” I feel like I’ve succeeded.

So, unlike in years past,I don’t have any grand lessons learned to share with you….yet. I’m personally promising myself that I will stop using the word “should” and instead just DO. I will think of other words to use when I start to say “we’ve been busy,” and when we have been, I’m not going to apologize for it. Life will probably never slow down, and I’m not so sure that we would even want it to. In fact, I hope that this year is an exciting one; I’m just starting to peek at what 2015 has in store, and so far I like what I see. It feels a bit like climbing a big mountain; when you look down you see all that you’ve been through. All you’ve achieved. All that terrain you don’t have to cover any more. And, when you look ahead you see more climbing, and can imagine the summit. It’s pretty glorious — if you’re the type of person that likes both the journey, and the reward.

Friends + Fun Above Boulder

Speaking of journeys + rewards, the photos in this post are from a little night hike we did in the backyard above Boulder last weekend. Our town is illuminated by a holiday star outlined on the beautiful mountains, and has been for as long as I can remember. When we were little kids, going to the star in general was a big no-no; because the beautiful bulbs were frequently vandalized by visitors. Now that we’re older, there seems to be an understood respect and love for this beacon on our mountains. The Star is a holiday icon and, appropriately, we hiked up to it with friends – and a backpack filled with rum cider + cookies – to toast the new year, and the simple everyday spirit of exploration. Those little journeys, and rewards, of all sizes are right here in our backyard. Sometimes, right in front of our faces. As I look at these shots I get that contented feeling that we’re hatching a tradition. Adventurous traditions that celebrate the journey AND the reward! YAY!

Sliding Down the Star

If you’re that type of person – who likes both the journey and the reward – then my New Year’s endowment is this. Keep adventuring. Don’t make excuses. Always go, strive to look at the world in new ways. Stay inspired, find new ways to laugh, and never apologize for realizing that you were living selfishly, in your own moment. You’ll have far more journeys, and rewards (both big and small) if you do. 

Here’s a little favorites list of ways I’m staying stoked and dedicated to always adventuring as we roll into 2015: 

I hope these tidbits spread some stoke your way too! HAPPY NEW YEAR -xo L


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