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July 16, 2014

It took a rainy day for me to just STOP. It doesn’t happen often, but I really needed one of those days where I hole away in the house, turn off my phone, and ignore the *shoulds*; I *should* ride my bicycle, I *should* not eat only  maple almond butter + bananas all day, I *should* do the laundry, and *should* pick up the house from the guests that we had the first part of the week.  Instead, I turn on a good playlist and catch up.

I don’t have anything super-special or new to share. All is well, and most of the usual excellent insanity has flowed in and out of the doors of this little house we’ve come to enjoy so much; the oven is on constantly, I’m riding my bike all over town, picking up ingredients, dropping off products, then riding like a woman possessed back home again to pick up whatever recipe I’d left off, or to have a meeting about a fun writing project I want to start, or one I’ve meant to finish. When I need him, or when we get taxed/hear a funny joke/need a break, Derek and I yell to each other in our respective work spots all over the house and convene on one of the porches for quick neck rubs, something to drink, or to just poke fun at the other. Then we go back to our projects, agreeing on a time for dinner and a glass of wine. The rain falls, thunder booms, and little Gunner howls with that basset hound bellow that makes me fall in love with him all over again. So I fall to the ground and we snuggle it out until the storm passes.

I have a running to-do list that always includes “catch up” but, this is never enough of a *should* for me to abide because, what kind of limp call to action is that anyway? I *should* probably embrace that I’ll never feel totally caught up, and instead will remain the type of person who can’t help but fill the free moments with some sort of excitement or curiosity. But, again, I’m ignoring the shoulds today.

So, I spent the afternoon making some space to piddle and just “be.”  Here’s a quick favorites list of a few of the things I enjoyed perusing/thinking about/playing with when I stopped complaining about “having the time,” and finally just MADE the time:

Looking forward to sharing a recipe (not sure what yet – what would you like to see?) with you before we head to the mountains this weekend for – gasp! – a trail race!

See what I mean about that space? Always full! – xo L

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