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March 8, 2014

The last time I wrote down a short-list of things that had been inspiring me of late, I was focused on San Francisco; things I missed, longed for, and wanted in my life on the regular. At this exact moment – sitting in our new kitchen in Boulder, 1500 miles away from San Francisco, I still long for all of these little things. I still miss the people. I still miss the place. But I’m so excited for this fresh start.

The boxes are all unpacked now (even that one that my friend Kate suspects will never really get unpacked) and we’re settling in. Setting up “routines” which is exciting and insanity at the same time. I was born here in Boulder, and so some of the initial confusions that come with “moving in” to a new place are erased for me. I know the basics; the grocery stores, where the DMV is located, that the dog-leash laws are hilarious and liberal and even a bit snooty. But there is a completely different weirdness that comes with moving home after nearly 12 years of living – and bouncing – abroad. I feel like a completely different person than the one that left here at 18 years old, and this different person has a very real desire to have the shape of our life here be shiny + new, by all means. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

Moving to the Rockies is not without its little intricacies however. I had acclimated wholly, and completely, to being a Californian. I still drive like one, and plan to keep it that way. I’ve had to start modifying all of my recipes for high-altitude, the avocados here just aren’t as buttery, and I really have to work to find a watermelon radish or meyer lemon in a time of year when I know they’re literally dripping from the trees in our old neighborhood. Sigh. But, I’m swapping out these little drawbacks for other things. Here are just a few fresh ways I’m thinking about life + living these days as we start anew in Colorado :

Enjoy, and stay tuned for a ride-friendly recipe on Monday! – xo L

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