Honey Cake for My Honey

May 3, 2009

Last week flew by in a whirlwind – D and I were buzzing about leading normal life, and preparing for our first abroad adventure of 2009. (As strange as it sounds, we haven’t been out of the country since November, which is really quite a stretch for us!) But somewhere along the way, I had time to make a 29th Birthday Honey Cake for My Honey.

Thursday night we enjoyed a lovely, extravagant dinner at Beast here in Portland. Decadent and almost an overwhelming feast for the eyes and buds. Returning home, neither D or I, or even his huge-bowl-of-dessert-addict Dad wanted a slice of early Birthday Cake. With a bit of a pouty lip, I put the cake away, promising to take slices in the car to Vancouver.

As soon as Friday morning’s breakfast had been digested, we were out the door and on our way to Canada. For those whom haven’t visited Vancouver, BC it really is a lovely international city, completely friendly for outdoor enthusiasts, and chock full of delicious restaurants and good shopping. We were on a mission, however – I was dead set on qualifying for the Boston Marathon and D on ringing in his 29th year with a strong half-marathon finish. (What else should a man do to celebrate his youth but run 13 miles?)

We succeeded whole-heartedly. We saw art, drank coffee, got massages, listened to foreign languages on the street, enjoyed wine and amazing Greek food. And, I plan to run in Boston next April with my new 3:35 marathon time, D crossed the finish-line with a smile and our Birthday-Honey-Cake-For-My-Honey was waiting to be devoured for all of its celebratory worth when we returned home on Sunday evening.

This cake is very worthy of just about any celebration. It is not vegan, or gluten-free, but it is quite delicious, and inspired by the recipe by Nigella Lawson. (P.S. The little honey bees that you see above were made with marzipan – I rolled little bodies, poked in slivered almonds for wings and painted little chocolate stripes on their backs. A fun little addition, but the cake isn’t more delicious with or without them. Just more cute!)

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