Jicama + Carrot Summer Slaw

July 26, 2011

Our big bowl, one-pot meals have been changing since we moved to California – rightfully so as all of the ingredients in our markets have changed too. Latin American and Mediterranean ingredients with Golden State twists – its delicious.

We’ve always had some more modern rendition of a taco salad in our repertoire; my version has included grilled peppers, onions, beans and rice at one point, and fresh tomatillos and cotija cheese at another. Recently I decided that black beans were the only way to go, and quinoa was tossed in with tomatoes, fresh avocados, pepitas, and red onion. This has been the standard, eaten with lime chips and ranch dressing for the past few months. Until this slaw came along.

Starving for inspiration, I picked up jicama at our local market, figuring that I could do something crafty with it. On a night that it became apparent that our old standby of the above was going to be the end-all-be-all for the night, I busted it out along with a few other ingredients and WHAMMY a classic standby was born.

Usually, whatever we are having for dinner is just implied to be good – otherwise, we’d be ordering a pizza and casting off my creation. Last night, my husband took pause from a movie, and a bite, to look me in the eye and say “This is delicious.”

Ah, a star is born.

Fresh, light, so so flavorful, and can be employed in so many ways (in tacos, as a side dish for bbq, on sandwiches etc) we usually eat this mixed in with our black bean + quinoa green salad. For this purpose, pepitas, crushed tortilla chips, creamy avocado and a dressing with a little kick are vital to make this more than a slaw, its an experience. 🙂 And a simple one at that….

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