Oah’u: First Images of Aloha

March 19, 2010

A picture is worth one-thousand words.
Well, I hope so. Because I can’t bring myself to put down the SEVERAL thousand words that are coming to mind as I navigate this Hawaiian Island, the last one I had yet to explore. Many of you readers know that my appetite for travel is huge, and that for paradise is even more gargantuan. Here are a few of the first images from our time here….expect quite a few more and elaboration on all of them when I have at last worn out my ALOHA!

Literally upon arrival, a big “sigh” released and the sun started to shine in. Its tough not to smile when your hair is being tossed by the tradewinds, the sun in your face. We have been enjoying the cuisine of Waikiki, running on the beach, recalling the sweat inspired by humidity, the same humidity that blooms the flowers and fruits of these islands breathing new life into our bodies with each breath. The afternoon usually brings some playing in the ocean, paddlesurfing or swimming, and yesterday it was with the guidance of two young sea turtles, happily showing us the way around Waikiki Bay.
Its tough not to start the evening on the right foot with local beer, or as we learned at the Moana Surfrider last night, a new local vodka, Ocean,distilled of sugar cane and deep sea water.
Cocktails lead to fabulous meals, of local caught fish, fresh vegetables and infused Asian flavors which we have missed for so many months. Hawaiian agribusiness is booming and I am learning more and more about the good works of farmers, chefs, and producers each day. I cannot wait to share stories of Hawaiian cacao, coffee, fruits, vegetables, and culinary based social projects and gatherings inspired by good foods. All along Waikiki Beach, the sand is getting clogged with tourists celebrating spring break and its tough to remember that beneath all of this commercialism and consumerism there are traditional cultures and communities that need sustaining. Its a pleasure to touch these communities and somehow it makes the surfing, sun and sea all that more fabulous and enjoyable. And OH, the beaches. We intend to see as many of them as possible, with Kailua tomorrow (we took on the North Shore today.)
We have thought, quite a few times, that the Pacific just might be “THE PLACE” for us to land and stay….for a long while, and this trip has thus far done nothing to deter us from this path. We are really good at living island life – not at all a shameful skill. And one that I hope to share with all of you when we return in a week or so….a too short week.
When friends hear that we are here on Oa’hu, they are jealous of our luxurious vacation, sitting about the beach drinking like our tourist peers, We aren’t sitting still in the least. This island, like other adventures before it, poses a unique opportunity to see the connections between this place and our own place, and to call a new bit of the planet as our own. So, even in paradise, we could be ANYWHERE! ALOHA!

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