Pistachio Pesto for Dungeness Crab + Cavatappi

March 9, 2011

We were less than halfway through our run in mud, somewhere in Tilden Regional Park on Sunday when the hunger hit. We stopped to eat the energy bars we had in our hydration packs but it wasn’t enough; the cold, the distance, and the burn in our legs wanted more. And so, all the way home, we talked about dinner. Filling, warm, hearty, delicious, and well earned dinner.

Pasta seems to be the recovery meal of choice – plenty of carbohydrates to refuel tired muscles and little souls beaten down by miles (yet renewed with new definitions of personal endurance.) This craving quickly rolled into one of our passions of present, being that we are newcomers here – Dungeness Crab.

So we concocted, in the last 7 miles of this run, a dish that won our hearts in a moment and ran directly to the store covered in mud and sweat to pickup the few items that we would need to create our vision. Two crabs, cracked, and one bunch of basil.

So simple, unexpected, and absolutely perfect. Buttery and sweet – because of the texture and round rich flavors of the crab and the pesto; there is no butter to be found here. And satisfying. With a popping green salad (peas + arugula + meyer lemon + parmesano reggiano,) there could be nothing better on the planet. And I don’t just say that because I ran 15 miles to earn this meal.

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  • Reply Derek March 11, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Most awesome creation this year! I will add a word of caution to this post: be wary not to over eat (it’s quite easy to do).

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