September to October Brainstorm

October 1, 2011

September is gone? What?

I should be double-checking my packing list for the six-day cycling adventure I will embark on tomorrow. I still need to pack baby wipes, my camera and memory cards, cycling shoes, and the freshly roasted and ground coffee that I’ll be taking with me to warm the chilly mornings as we make our way down the California coast. But the truth is that I have a few more “to-do’s” to take care of before the modern convenience of internet is taken from me for few days (we’ll be camping this week, or really, more accurately, “glamping) — we have another trip to New York next month with loose ends to tie up, a trip home for the holidays and a surprise winter getaway that need planning too.

So, in addition to packing for this very exciting trip, there is a lot of other getting-away going on. City notes, both here and away have been flooding my mind, along with things to pack, try out, and check into before we go. Amongst other things:

Ohyeah, and, when I finally finish piddling around on this stuff, I’m pretty sure that I’m due for a new suitcase!

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