Toasted Hemp Buttermilk Waffles

June 16, 2012
The most exciting news of late? I slept in on Saturday. And the Sunday before that. And the Sunday before that. Despite having filled nearly each weekend of the past several years with long rides, or runs, or races, I have absolutely not forgotten how to spend a completely charmed weekend day. First, there was sunrise. Then there was Gunner requesting to get up on the bed and all of us ignoring the birds as they chirped through the windows, mingling their tweets with the sounds of Oakland waking up. Finally, there was a good walk, and a good cup of coffee, and the hatching of a plan to make breakfast at home. Being completely addicted to berries means that we have them on hand most of the time in these summer months, so why not waffles?

Derek is a pancake master, frankly. But we both agree that there is something magical about the crisp little pockets created with a waffle iron. My biggest beef with “carbohydrate heavy” breakfasts (which I find completely seductive, by the way) is that there is no hearty feeling to them – I always prefer multigrain to basic buttermilk because I like the crunch and the mindful heft of a waffle or pancake with some substance. And, butter, farmer’s cheese, and berries always taste better with toasted grains beneath.
This started off as a buttermilk waffle recipe on the back of a flour package and with a few tweaks that corresponded with what we had in the pantry, turned out to be a real keeper and we can’t wait until it shows up again next weekend.


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