Toasted Honey Muesli

November 2, 2010

I recall being a little girl, hopping out of bed as soon as my eyes were open – never one to laze about and doze.

I would toddle into the kitchen, sometimes before my feet were ready, before my fingers – still tingly from being slept on wrong- were operable. I would stop right in front of the countertop where my father would be making his breakfast and almost without speaking he would begin to pour me a large bowl of cereal. My brother liked to have only one kind of cereal at a time but not me; I liked my bowls piled high with distinct layers of each of the colorful boxes and bags in the cabinet – Cheerios, the special granola my father insisted on, some type of Chex usually, and Wheaties (a staple required by Dad, too.)

He would place my bowl on the table, put a little spoon in my hand and help me into my chair where I would take great pleasure in digging gently into the bowl, carving out great canyons of grain, crunchy shaped layers revealed, standing up tall around the dug-out part, then gently nudging to cliffs into the sea of milk below.

Not so much has changed, though I don’t usually pile the bowl as high. No one pushes in my chair nowadays, either. Chalk it up to needing to walk the dog and having less time to devote to dawdling around the breakfast table. This being said, I find this recipe to be a true staple in my kitchen arsenal – easy to whip up without much attention, and an excellent pre-run breakfast/post-ride treat/snack-that-is-easy-to-eat-because-food-isn’t-cooking-fast-enough.

The flavor of the honey that you choose will truly come through with this recipe – I chose a raw wildflower version from here in Oregon and love its nutty, earthy flavor. Blackberry honey is pretty divine as well. Explore your inner bee, eh!?! Also in this version, I kept things simple but have known to toss in almonds, sunflower seeds, dried papaya, raisins, flax seed…whatever I have an excess of at the time. Switch it up and experiment – whatever you do with exciting nuts, fruits and grains, this is a great addition to the repertoire for you athletes out there; just enough honey to make it sweet without sending you on a roller coaster or derailing your train, healthy, antibacterial coconut oil won’t add hundreds of calories to your daily intake, and grains + protein are clean burning fuel, baby! OH! And, this recipe can be considered suitable to those sensitive to gluten if you use gluten free oats. Sorry, celiacs – this one still isn’t for you. 🙁

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