Travel Snacks

December 9, 2014

It’s been just over a week now, since we moved into the new place and slowly but surely, were starting to feel at home. The jumbled mess of belongings that was lumped into the hallways and rooms of our little spot in the world is finally finding its was into the closets, the rooms, and Gunner is finding his favorite napping spots. There is still much to be done; kitchen redesign tasks to be tackled in the weeks to come, carpentry, landscape, and interior projects to be plotted in the months to follow. Still and all, we locked the doors is morning – leaving things as they lie – and headed to the airport for we had a plane to catch.

By now you know that I’m a complete junkie for plane snacks and packing my own is one of the little travel rituals that keeps me sane. I had every intention of making something new to share with you all but the truth is that – for this trip- I stuck to my old standby’s making it a convenient time to share and revisit a few of my favorite travel snacks with you.

Quickly, a short soap box on carrying your own snacks when you’re on the go. I think we all agree that long days feel even longer when your hungry, but carrying snacks isn’t just about emotions – it’s about your physiology too. Keeping your blood sugar balanced helps you to make better decisions, whether challenge better (unexpected layovers or in laws) more gracefully, and keep you from growing so hungry that you go and house a less than delicious or healthy cinnamon roll the size of your face, because it’s the convenient (or heaven forbid, only) choice available.

So, it seems that everyone, everyone has places to go, people to see, and could use portable snacks to fuel the rush about. There isn’t anything in this list that we haven’t purposes a few times for picnics, intercontinental flights, camping trips, road trips, and long shopping expeditions to IKEA (which, fortunately or unfortunately is something I’ve learned a lot about this month,) and a few of these have even made it into my regular repertoire (the quick breads and scones for sure.) And, an one or two of them have made it onto the favorites lists of others, as well. 

With this list, you’ll just need a couple of handy portable containers and you’ll be ready to roll. I encourage you to think of this list when you have an adventure coming up, but also to use it as a way of reshaping what you already cook on the regular, and the way you think about your own cooking; as versatile, and ready for whatever your day might hold. 

Pumpkin + Banana Breakfast Bread

Carrot Cake for Carry On

His + Hers Road Trip Popcorn

Trusty Granola Bars

Coconut Berry Chia Pudding

Tahini + Chickpea Summer Rolls

Cacao Almond Bites

Roasted Kuri Squash Patties w/Quinoa + Black Beans

Meyer Lemon + Blueberry Buttermilk Scones

Espresso + Pecan Scones

So, where are you headed this holiday season? What adventures are in store? What are you cooking and whom are you cooking for? Wherever, whomever, however – I hope it’s merry and delicious thus far! I’ll be back later this week with another little dispatch from an island in the Pacific. – xo L

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