Whoa, WeHo!

August 25, 2009

And in a flash of light, my week between the end of school and the beginning of my externship adventure in Los Angeles is gone. D, Gunner and I have arrived in West Hollywood in one (oddly, very hungry and sleepy) piece and we are settling in nicely.

It truly felt that, as we packed up our things, closed up our house, and left Portland behind that we were also leaving summer and making an exodus of sorts – as we did so many times to return home to the United States from Japan. We knew that upon return, several weeks later, the plants, ocean, the air would seem different than when we left it last but, when we hopped again across the planet, that our little house with a hat would be standing proud, ready to welcome us home.

And so, too, is the little Green House in Vancouver. D’s artichokes and olives are on a watering timer, we have eaten all of the wild blackberries from the bushes around the house that our bellies could hold, and we felt prepared to kiss Oregonian summer, with its sporatic heat waves, behind. Along with my bicycle. (SNIFF SNIFF.)

What a tease, as the sun is beating hot and gorgeous here in Los Angeles. The yard behind the back house where we are staying is half shaded with hibiscus, half in direct sunlight perfect for reading and entertaining. The lime trees in the courtyard are bursting, inviting guests in the weeks to come.  This morning, I met with the amazing Sherry Yard, all smiles in her pink chef’s jacket at Spago and am looking forward to starting my time there early next week. I will begin my work with Adrian Vasquez, a fabulous chef with a very different style and vibe, at the well-known Providence on Wednesday.

Until then, City Yoga, just up the street has thrown its doors open to me, welcoming me to early morning yoga classes followed by stops by the cafes on the walk home. Running at UCLA, training in the sun and enjoying a more relaxed form of physical training – refrain from EATING all of the amazing treats the chefs will be cooking up in the 6 weeks to come. Tune in for more soon!

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