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48 Hours in New York City

Oh urban jungle, these we “smaller city mice” love/hate you. (Or is it hate/love?) The dirt and grind of the city, the noise and constant flow of people wandering aimlessly and yet with urgent purpose through the streets jostling each other as they make…

November 20, 2011

Postcards from the Big Island

Occasionally, when I find a good sunset (frequently) or time to myself (infrequently) on Ali’i Drive, I scoot on my ‘slippahs‘ and head out the door with camera in hand. This last trip was no exception, though I spent only a short, sweet time…

January 8, 2011


One could spend a whole month hunting and pecking around the San Francisco Bay, unguided, in search of the kind of culinary satisfaction that is present in a single day spent wandering aimlessly in Sonoma County. Plus, you’re likely to have sun, world class…

November 18, 2010


This last trip to Barcelona was not my first time at the Spanish rodeo of delicious food, historic streets and funky, fabulous art. My mother and I traveled there back in 2004 en route to Italy where I was preparing to accept a job…

November 4, 2010


A passport is a beautiful thing. The ability to board planes, trains, and boats and move about the world faster than the planet turns is absolutely priceless. I though about this as I struggled to keep my eyes open during the 10th hour of…

October 17, 2010

Oah’u: First Images of Aloha

A picture is worth one-thousand words. Well, I hope so. Because I can’t bring myself to put down the SEVERAL thousand words that are coming to mind as I navigate this Hawaiian Island, the last one I had yet to explore. Many of you…

March 19, 2010