Dry Creek Peach Buckle w/ Pistachios

August 3, 2011
We drove back home from Dry Creek Valley, from Vineman, this Sunday with a crate full of yellow-flesh peaches. My large appetite for satisfaction, victory, and a good challenge had been sated, but of course this meant that I was HUNGRY. So I set to work looking for ways to employ these little gems from the Wine Country.
I wait all year for fresh summer fruits and can think of one million and one ways to eat them. Honestly, their most frequent purpose is to be topped with a crumb/biscuit or be baked in a pie….as is evidenced by this recipe, this recipe, and of course this already resident on this site.
Don’t be fooled; cobblers, crisps, crumbles, grunts, buckles and betties are NOT the same. The texture of the crumb, the “layer” of the treat that the fruit is on, and whether or not the fruit is enclosed in the biscuity crust all catagorize the treat. This is truly a buckle – a cake that hides away secret pockets of juicy, caramely fruit in its buttery crumb. But it was also different because of the occasion.
Every Iron-distance athlete has a food item or two that pop into their head in the 11th hour of racing – something that they are so hungry (because they are 1. very hungry and 2. love that that thing) tears might come to mind if it was presented to them at the finish. It needn’t be much (Salt + Black Pepper Kettle Chips, macaroni and cheese,) perhaps just a buttery cake with fresh peaches and ice cream.

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