Eating + Drinking + Riding in Austin

I’m literally exhausted from the most amazing, overwhelming, inspiring and delicious week in Austin. I traveled down to SXSW to spent time cooking, riding and exploring with the good people of SRAM on their Open The Road tour, and let me tell you, even in the short amount of time we had, we really cracked this eclectic, fun and creative city open.

Most every morning began with an early morning bike ride, and every evening ended with an exceptional dinner – of many formats – followed by a little baking and preparing ride food. I discovered a few new favorite recipes that I can’t wait to share, and had a chance to explore the incredible (and hilly!) scenery in this place.

But the trip wasn’t just about bikes, and it wasn’t just about the festival. Instead, it’s what happened between the riding and the eating (and as a result OF the riding and eating) that has helped me to return home inspired, confident and totally jazzed on being part of the place where food and sport are colliding. We met interesting people, had energetic conversations, and got some really great ideas flowing and rolling; and the idea that it was all fueled by bike rides and ride food just makes me want to jump up and down with glee.

A few of the highlights:

And, of course, hosting a Meet-Up at SXSW on “The Hunger of Cycling” was an absolutely blast. Filling a room with folks curious about the collisions of food and bikes was a thrill. If you missed the meet-up, you can watch it as posted on Facebook Live here! 

If you’re looking for more rides in Austin, check out my Strava page w/ride details! And, stay tuned for recipes from the road! – enjoy! xx – L