Eating in Los Angeles

I’m not the kind of person who minds eating out alone. In fact, I’ve grown to really love it. It’s a little bit of me time that I can’t get in the same way when I eat alone at home. For starters, it’s really nice to have a personal waiter or waitress. I get to people watch and soak up the atmosphere of wherever I am without feeling rude to a companion. I get to order as much – or as little – as I want, without feeling like I need to share it. No one else to agree on a bottle of wine with.  I can read a magazine if I like. And I can sit for hours and just enjoy if it strikes me. I did a lot of eating in Los Angeles this past weekend. Lots of it was alone, but I did a lot of eating with friends too.  And, it was all glorious.


It had been some 7 years since I’d really been back in L.A. for any amount of time worth mentioning – when I was working at Providence. On this trip, I flew down for a little cycling camp with Liv Cycling last week, and spent the first few days north of the city riding bikes, sharing, connecting, and soaking up the glorious coastline with 50 of their new women’s ambassadors. I spent a great deal of my time chatting with them about my time at Skratch Labs, and my experience with real food and sport. We talked a bit about the science of why your body needs salt and sugar as an athlete, and how they could do little things to speed their recovery after big rides. By the time I left camp, I was pretty blissed + socialized out…and I was ready for a little me time. I had a couple of days to spare, so I made a few reservations and did a little research…and didn’t look back. Here are my best tips on how to eat your way through a (rainy!) weekend in the City of Angeles: