Behind the Scenes in The Skratch Labs Kitchen

I’m not sure how many folks pause in the middle of work to take a picture of whatever they’re doing, but my colleagues and I do this constantly. Enough that, before this past weekend’s Sea Otter Classic, just outside of Monterey, CA we had to remind ourselves to photograph LESS so that we could focus on the matters at hand. (Making up nearly 3000 breakfast burritos, bowls of healthy/hot/delicious curry, eggs, oatmeal, and all the other sorts of things you crave when you’re pushing yourself hard on the bike, as well as baking cookies, mixing hydration drinks, talking about food, sport, well-being, and playing all the way.) This said, we still made it out of the past couple of weeks with quite a few great images; since I need a bit of time to prepare the shots of this weeks recipe (a San Francisco favorite, no less) I thought I’d share just a few of these favorite images with you here.

The things that I can’t share through these images are little epiphanies I’m having. I admittedly enjoy a little wiggle of glee when I tell folks that ask what I do now; I’m an athlete and a pastry chef. I love that so many of the conversations over team dinners are about bikes, beautiful places to ride and eat, and most of all — FOOD. The work we do is interesting. Its “genesis-shit,” as my now-colleague Allen Lim likes to say. We’re a hydration mix company that has two cookbooks, makes real food to help athletes prepare – and recover – from their sport. What we don’t have are all the answers for what will work best for every body, because there is no specific science for this — what works for you works for you. But we are pretty darn confident that – while we can’t tell you EXACTLY what you should be eating (and instead that you should experiment a bit) we do know that the science behind the polished, colorfully pixelated, rolling food truck makes perfect sense and – fantastically – its the simplest answer around: eat something real. 

I hope that they quickly convey what a fun loving, dynamic healthy, avid crew of colleagues I have. Folks dedicated to their craft and the mission of making slow food fast for fast folks. For all folks really. What you won’t see are the hip-hop beats blasting in the background as we roll hundreds of burritos, the dry jokes and good humor passed between us all. The hard working raw hands that won’t quit until the job is done well, and just how much those raw hands care that your food is not just served, but delicious, healthy, and suitable for what your body needs to perform. 

This is what I mean when I talk/tweet/share what its like to be on the road with this fantastic crew.  This is what I mean when I say, #eatdrinkplay all day! 🙂