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March 5, 2015

The kitchen in our new house is linear – a bit like a very wide galley where all the most important appliances and workspaces (at the sink, at the dishwasher, at the stove, and near the dishes) are jammed into one corner. We had to build a pantry, and a pastry table/standing desk for me so that I would have enough counter space to do my work and since we moved in last December, I’ve been working to imprint a work pattern in this unconventional area. My idea was to prep all ingredients over the pantry, and then use the little rolling cart I fashioned from some existing Metrorack to move them to the stove and sink. On the days when I have all the brain space in the world, I turn music up in the kitchen, throw open the cotton linen drapes and this workflow runs along swimmingly, filling our farm table and the pantry drawers with baked goods and staples that make this house be the happiest place to be. 

On days when I don’t have all the brain space, my workflow falls to shit. Like this morning; instead of prepping ingredients on the pastry table, I was cracking eggs, whisking ricotta, measuring flour and leaving dirty dishes all over the place. I got raspberry juice on my notebooks, flour in the bindings of my cookbooks (and *maybe* in the keyboard of this computer.) I knew it was happening, but I just couldn’t stop it. If my chef at Providence would have seen me working, he would have thrown his hands in the air, his knives on the floor, and exploded in a rage of butter and sugar. 

I know we all have those days. I know well the distractions that are occupying me mind (more on these sooner than soon!) and they’re all worthwhile; a good sign that they’re meaningful bits of my life. I hope it’s also a good sign that I recognize when I’m distracted and scattered, and I *think* that means I’m being present – in my life, my body and my work. 

I’ll be back on track in a few days, I promise. I’m testing recipes for a pop-up bakery here in Boulder next weekend all week this week, so I have lots of delicious things to share with you. Also next week, I leave for the first cooking event of the season with Skratch Labs, so there’s lots of pre-travel preparation going on. (Spring is nearly here which means that crazy summer is on the way and I swear it was just Christmas?!) And, these worthwhile distractions have floated around on my to-do/to-buy/to-tweet/to-share/to-consider lists before all the madness begins:

Hopefully there are a few great bits and pieces to distract you from your normal life too. : ) Oh! And the image in the header is of all the delicious pastries asking me to pick them! pick them! when I was at Wild Crumb Bakery in Bozeman the other week. I’d drive back just to have another of their almond croissants NOW. Enjoy! -xo L 

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