Kitchen 101: Mason Jar Breakfasts

March 15, 2015

If you don’t know yet, you’re learning that I’ll go to great lengths to make travel days easier and more enjoyable. And, that my feeling about airport/airline food is, basically, “NEVER.” Which is why there are so many healthy travel-friendly recipes on this site! A lot of what I cook and bake at home is – by necessity – travel friendly so that we can grab something quick and delicious when we’re hopping out the door, flying somewhere or just headed into the mountains for a run or a ride. Preparing food this way is no longer something that I think much about, it’s just…the way we eat.

Last week, as I was preparing for the pop up patisserie, I whipped up a few extra little jars of Blueberry + Blood Orange Breakfast Crumble for us, and I was thanking myself for this tendency as I rolled out of bed, pulled on jeans, brushed my teeth + painted on eyelashes, then grabbed a little jar of crumble and headed out the door for the airport this week. And there wasn’t any spilling in my carry on, and there wasn’t any gross muffin consumed in the airport lounge, and I felt well taken care of. I may have even said out loud “Thanks, Self, for taking care of….your future self.”

All of us can be better about taking care of our Future Selves. And baking mason jar breakfasts – ready to grab and go – is just one of the things we can do to make sure we have healthy, delicious food that fuels our bodies, even when we don’t have time to sit down right now and eat it. And the best part about baking/making breakfast in a jar is that it doesn’t take any crazy culinary skills to master; just a little forethought.

So, what sorts of breakfast are jar friendly? Oh friends – so many! Here are a few ideas: 

You notice that a lot of the ideas above are meant to be baked, only instead of baking them in big glass pans, or cooking them in a large pot you’re going to use a little jar. Baking in a little jar isn’t any different than baking in any other way, shape or form. With a couple of exceptions. Here are a few things to think about as you prepare:

  • I like to use 8oz mason jars, which hold about 1 cup of food. Consider that a “serving” size of just about anything is about a cup or 1/2 cup. If your recipe makes 13 servings, you’re probably going to end up with 10-12 little 8oz jars of goodness.
  • Allow whatever breakfast you bake to cool completely before putting a lid on it and storing it in the refrigerator. Stored in a clean, airtight jar most of the recipes above will keep well for a week (enough to bake up on a Sunday night and have healthy breakfasts till it’s weekend again!) 
  • Just pop the little jars in the oven, the same way you would a large pan. Note that the baking time might be a little bit shorter, since the surface area of the jars is smaller than a large pan. 
  • You can buy 8oz mason jars at most grocery stores, or even online

And there ya go! Faster, more delicious, healthier breakfast is ready waiting! -xo L

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