Love’s Grilled Cheese

January 26, 2011

Love is a grilled cheese sandwich.
Especially when your love grilled cheese and your husband announces that he will be making them for dinner, for you, while you drink wine and relax after a long day of training and work.

Love is also a grilled cheese sandwich when, on a Sunday night, the two of you collectively decide that rather than go to the malay that is the grocery store,you are going to make due with what you have. And it just happens to be some leftover bread, bits of cheese, and a movie.

This favorite food has been a token of affection and a sign of times at our dinner table of late – time is short, bellies are hungry, and simple is best. D and I have come up with some killer concoctions that are worth mentioning here. However, we must also note that half of the fun of the grilled cheese is that it is bread and melty cheese and nothing else matters.

To use a recipe for these sammies seems blasphemous so, by stocking your fridge well and promising to clean it out of all of it’s delicousness on Grilled Cheese night, you exponentially increase your chances of world-changing grilled cheese that is also love.

A couple of simple basics:

  • Lightly butter your bread.
  • Use a cast iron skillet warmed well. Watch the heat and don’t burn!
  • A combination of melty and harder cheeses makes for maximum cheesy goodness.
  • Vegetables, condiments and spices are all excellent additions that take G.C.Sammies to the next level. Serving the sammies with a simple green salad and soup of your choosing is also key.
  •  If you are using American Cheese slices to make your sandwiches, you’re not really making Grilled Cheese but rather Grilled Cheese Product. Gross.
  • Preheat your oven so that, after the cheese is melted, you can bake the sammies for just a few moments before enjoying them. Bake just long enough to crisp the bread and completely melt the cheese in the middle.
  • Lastly, everything in moderation. Use enough cheese to make your sandwich a bit crunchy/gooey but not enough to kill a horse. The same goes with butter.

Lately, we have enjoyed:

      Green Olive Bread + Muhamarra + Manchego and Goat Cheese

        San Francisco Sourdough + Grilled Wild Mushrooms + Goat Gouda and Blue Cheeses

Multigrain Batard + Sun-dried Tomatoes + English Cheddar w/Carmelized Onions

Garlic Loaf + Fresh Arugula + Goat Cheese, Pecorino + Crecenza cheeses

The possibilities are endless I am sure. What is YOUR best Sammy of Love? 🙂

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