Our Oakland

February 27, 2011

After a month of living in the Bay in our unpacked apartment, the OCD girl in my is content enough with her placement of pictures and effects within our space that my to do list is cleared of the weekend and free time tasks necessary (or at least as necessary as shopping for shower curtains, botanicals and ultimate sheets can be) to make our little perch in the middle of “the hood” an urban oasis.

When we first landed in Oakland, superficially examining the neighborhoods that speckle our zip code, it seemed to feel that creating a complete retreat at home would be necessary to make up for the neighborhood surrounding our perfectly pristine, modern building perched on the imaginary line where modern, hipstery Pixarville, edgy Oakland, and still tie-dyed Berkeley collide. We were moving, after all, to the same place made famous by the rap songs of the 90’s for which I still know all of the lyrics.

But now that the sanctuary of home has been achieved (for now,) and the sun has been shining on a more regular basis, we have been getting out, exploring, and, to my pleasant surprise, Oakland is only occasionally hoodies n’ 40s. It’s also full of excellent, innovative and funky cafes, farmers markets, up and coming restauranteurs and boutiques. Running trails aren’t far, there are puppy parks to walk in, flowers a bloom, and biking boulevards to navigate the patchwork neighborhoods that weave together this very melting pot of a place.

Were starting to find our favorite spots; good coffee, homemade granola and Thai take-out. I’m excited about the new mac n cheese restaurant that went in only a few miles away, but not more excited than I am about exploring all of Derek’s old haunts from college as their revamped selves. We’ll keep casing the ‘hood and will share our favorites soon but, in the meantime, here are a few shots of our new address in Oakland.

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