Pear + Ricotta Scones

January 11, 2013

“You seemed so far away,” Miss Honey whispered, awestruck.

Oh, I was. I was flying past the stars on silver wings,” Matilda said. “It was wonderful.” 

― Roald DahlMatilda

 I know a bit about what Matilda meant – this entire week back from Montana I feel as if part of me has still been floating on the clouds, still feeling as if I had all the time in the world to peer out the window at the snow falling, and not at all be effected by the maddening pace at which the New Year was approaching.

It’s wonderful. Was wonderful. Is wonderful. And not at all unlike our other visits to Montana; we leave the bustle of the Bay, pull out onto the open road and then (16-18 hours later, depending on how hard the snow is falling, how much water we have had to drink and – in this case – how many times we have to put the chains on and take them off,) we pull into a quiet meadow dotted with cabins, open the doors to quiet and know that we have completely and utterly arrived. Snacks, stories, and little treats are very important on a trip like this where we literally seem to be using the distance covered as a journey towards True Relaxation.

Joan and Dave are the most gracious of hosts and they always encourage me to spend some of the luxurious time there in the kitchen. With two weeks away for the holidays, I had time to make these on Christmas Eve morning for our car ride, again on one of the mornings that we were laying about in socks and cozy clothes thinking about what snowy adventure we should have first, and then left the mise en place ingredients for Joan to prepare a couple of days later when they were hankering for a treat.

If you’re a food blog watcher, you might have seen these pop up in various forms on a list of favorites in the past months, here and here at least but this rendition was the one I stumbled across first. This is just the type of recipe that should be completely commended because you can literally make it your own with whatever you have on hand and is bound to become a favorite because you could literally mix them up in your pajamas, bake them while you take a shower and then grab one to nibble on as you run out the door (literally.  This is actually how our departure for Montana went down.)

After trying all the other fruits we have on hand this time of year, the Pear + Ricotta scone has been my favorite fruit to add in, along with some warm winter spices. We have been eating them with a good slather of honey or eaten with cappuccino or coffee —  basically all of my breakfast dreams come true.

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