Pictures + Places: Montana

As we were waiting for snow early one morning outside of Big Sky, I sat at the tremendous log farm table in the kitchen, looking out over the meadow, and flipping through my history of this place…mostly on the pages of this little space. We had a couple more days to spend (and a big winter storm on the way) so I the grasping feeling that I sometimes get when we pack the car and head back to our little speck of civilization, wherever it may be, hadn’t set in. So, I was still stockpiling all the peace I get from the great quiet of this place. Something about this our time in Montana -the expansiveness of the sky, the wildness of the hills, and the general sense that you’ve reversed time, the nothing-much-but-the-best ways we pass our days there – keep us coming back, sometimes twice a year.

Whenever we return home, friends ask about our trip, where we go, what we do. The truth is that we spend a great deal of our time in a little meadow someplace between Bozeman and Big Sky (in the southwestern part of the state,) holed up in the cabin or exploring the mountains beyond. But, the more we visit, the more of the state and specifically the territory directly around Yellowstone National Park we come to know. Montana has become enough of a part of me now that I want to share it with others, and want to keep better track of the best parts for myself. So if you should find yourself in this neck of the woods, here is an ongoing list of resources (updated 2/26/2015); places, pictures, thoughts and notes about how + where to enjoy so that Montana can write its way into your heart too. -xo L

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