Pine/Apple Honey Almond Crumble

August 13, 2010

Its a good thing that my co-leaders are coming back from a trip today; I nearly ate all of this little experiment myself!

Pie, cobbler, fruit + crunchy goodness on top AND ice cream is one of my favorite things on the planet. It doesn’t matter where on the planet I am, and certainly this does not preclude living on an island.

So, when Kimberly, Jill and Zach came back to our humble leader abode the other night for a mid-trip break, I took the opportunity to throw together something with what was laying around. It just so happens that lilikoi honey, almonds, pineapple and apples were on hand. Enter oats. A happy marriage.

To tell the truth, you really can’t fail at crumble. So long as the fruit is boiling before you pluck it from the oven, and the topping is crispy and golden brown, you win. So, don’t be frightened by this less than specific recipe:

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  • Reply gastroanthropologist August 18, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    Oh, pineapple in a crumble – love it! Saw some ripe pineapples at the store the other day…will try and get some tomorrow.

    Where are you in the world?! Tell me about your recent adventures!

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