Postcards from the Big Island

January 8, 2011

Occasionally, when I find a good sunset (frequently) or time to myself (infrequently) on Ali’i Drive, I scoot on my ‘slippahs‘ and head out the door with camera in hand. This last trip was no exception, though I spent only a short, sweet time on the island. I took a couple of new lenses with me this time, so even though so many of the places that I spent time were the same, the vantage point was different – unlike my amazing comrades who have taken such fabulous photos of the amazing people that we spent the holiday with, and all of the activities that fill our days, (ahem, Mr. Thompson and Ms. Sisson, this shout out is for YOU) this collection of shots represents the behind the scenes, and the tiny.

So many times when I return home from this place that I love so dearly, it is the textures and colors, and smells and sights that I attempt to recreate. I’m hoping that these shots help me do so….for me AND you. 🙂


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