Summer Brainstorm

July 8, 2011

Suddenly, its July. In the past week we’ve celebrated another anniversary (6 years later, I’d marry my husband all over again,) and have been on the road celebrating summer with friends, playing in the mountains, riding bikes and motorcycles, enjoying sunsets and wine and generally reveling in the types of days that great blog posts are made of.

We’ve been doing so much of just this, in fact, that I’ve had little time to write at all. But I will once I wind down from the whole lovely thing.

As we bounce along in the car, I am making my own little notes about things that must be done when I get home, reminders about things to check out or try, bits of life I certainly don’t want to forget. Summer is in full swing, i can hardly believe it. Here’s what’s in my post-anniversary, post-vacation, back-to-work, it’s-July brain:

– We carried along these champagne flutes in our picnic basket en route to Montana. They made impromptu toasts and winding down at the hotels on the road much more comfortable and delicious, and there was no ecology or breakage at risk. Picnics abound!

-This biodegradable tableware makes even dinner in Elko, NV special. Dinner party made elegant and easy!

-A super-stylish friend of ours, from L.A., was donning this railroad tie cuff and I can’t wait to peruse the entire collection (and get a matching pair for hubby and I as a belated anniversary gift.)

-Another friend who joined us this weekend has just opened a made to order bakery in L.A. Don’t forget to order Heath Bar + Chocolate Cookies tied up with string….

-While enjoying a patio lunch, at the Yellowstone Club, we had the unique opportunity to try a “44 North” – this vodka with lime, huckleberries and soda. Summer in a glass. Order online.

-Not sure where any road trip (or dinner party) would be without this. Subscription necessary.

-Not sure how improvisational cookies in the kitchens of others would come to be without this. Don’t leave home for baking adventures without it!

-Fantastic portable, delicious emergency rations for when hunger strikes in the middle of Idaho.

-Could have used these to block out shooting practice while reading in the cabin.

-Order the pain perdu here next weekend; Derek didn’t share nearly enough of this deliciousness!

-Record cooking notes. Share new shortcake recipe. Don’t be shy in using spiced pecans the next time you make this Fourth of July treat.

Enjoy and more soon!

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