Summer Fruit Salad w/Champagne + Honey

August 24, 2011

One of my most memorable meals ever was the pint basket of fresh raspberries (framboise in French) that I enjoyed while walking the morning market in Nice in the middle of August. If I recall, I was enroute to the beach, likely not wearing much more than a sarong and my bikini bottoms. I was in France. It was August. It really doesn’t get much better, I am sure you agree.

There are so many amazing ways to eat fabulous summer fruits, but none are so luxurious as having perfect, delicate berries, plump figs, juicy nectarines and brilliant plums in ready supply and enjoying them in their purest state – plucked from the bush, or slicing into their juicy flesh, taking a bite, and allowing the juice to run down your chin (and maybe allowing your sarong to be your napkin….)

Dessert during the week back in Oakland is frequently a big bowl of cherries, grapes, or a fruit salad. The fruits at their peak are delicious enough, but with this light, honey and champagne flavored syrup gives the fruit an extra pop. On a Sunday morning, there is no worthier use for any leftover champagne or white wine than to mix it with fruits and honey for Sunday night dessert. Add it once just cool and allow the fruits to marinate – the syrup will mingle with the juice and its to die for.

Sometimes we eat it with these quick shortcakes, and/or top it with this ice cream. I enjoy the extras with yogurt and granola in the mornings.

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  • Reply Golden Flax Shortcakes | Lentine Alexis Golden Flax Shortcakes | Learning to travel fast + far January 9, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    […] both spelt flour and unbleached white flour and a smidge of turbinado sugar. Use them beneath a summer fruit salad, ice cream, or any other place where a buttery, light oh-so-good bit of shortcake fits the […]

  • Reply Josh January 22, 2013 at 8:49 am

    I’m not sure how it stumbled upon it, but this recipe is GREAT!
    My wife and I make it for taking to Concours D’elegance car shows in the summer, and it is perfect for eating after walking around and looking at beautiful vintage cars. Thanks!

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