SXSW 2018 Panel Discussion :: Pedaler’s Palate – Food, Cycling + How They Collide

It’s taken me 48 hours after leaving Austin to come down off the high of speaking in our SXSW 2018 panel discussion (and just pinging around the city for a week!) A full two days to make sense of all the excited, nervous, wonderful energy that’s buzzing around the city during the festival, and to segment my own emotions about what I felt, heard, saw, learned and ate there into “next steps,” or just lovely memories.

This year, I was honored to speak as part of a panel all about food, cycling and how they collide. The panel was moderated by Kate Powlison, Road Brand Manager for SRAM and comprised of colleagues Ted King of Untapped Maple, author Tom Vanderbilt, and Senior Digital Designer at Bon Appétit Magazine, Alaina Sullivan.

We talked about food, cycling, philosophy, how we acquire tastes – in life and in cuisine. And we discussed just how our bikes help us to hear the cues our bodies are giving us about what we need to thrive in life and sport. AND, we talked about how important it is for us to listen to those clues.

It was a conversation that I’m so very passionate about having, and one I hope will continue beyond the incredible platform that SXSW provides.

If you missed the conversation, you can read the recap from the Austin Chronicle here.

Or, you can listen to an entire audio broadcast of the panel at the link below.

AUDIO LINK: Pedaler’s Palate: Food, Cycling + How They Collide — SXSW 2018