Tactical Fitness

May 27, 2011

We had been anticipating this day all year; I as a sounding board and he as the ringleader. We spent early morning walks with the dog, dinners and moments in between discussing the vision for the layout, and what the flow of events would be. Pondering, brainstorming who would come – how many would be too many, and not enough. Designing the challenges presented, and the support and sponsorship and support that would be needed.

And, at last, on May 7th, it all actually HAPPENED. I think both D, and I, and everyone else involved had to pinch themselves and recognize that all of that hard work and mental design had actually not been a pipe dream or a nightmare – all of the handshaking, list making, phone calling, diagram drawing, hard work, small victories and huge headaches actually culminated in a Tactical Fitness Competition at the Portland International Speedway with Derek’s company, EndeavourZ, as the producer and promoter. He had designed it, directed it, and brought it to life.

350 people showed up that morning to spectate and participate in a series of 6 physical challenges, both individual and team-oriented in nature and, for the remains of the day, through the rain and patches of sun, the competitors from local CrossFit clubs, to Green Beret Teams, Navy Seal recruits, SWAT Teams, and martial arts practitioners, hefted slosh tubes, hauled barrels, heaved concrete blocks, hoisted their body weight, and jumped over, around, and through obstacles that included but were not limited to tires, walls, wooden arches, and balance beams. Their quest was to exemplify pure physical power, functional fitness, and for many, their physical preparedness to fulfill their roles as tactical operators.

In the end, there was a winner, and a whole lot more goals. Just as D had hoped. There is talk of fitness competition circuit, military recruit training programs, tactical fitness consultancy for those professionals that didn’t place as well as they and their employers had hoped (and even for those that creamed their competition royally.) A reality show? And a short film featuring the competitors and their stories is on the way. And, of course, a lovely loud buzz about how much fun those that are devoted to challenging their bodies in this way had while competing.

This is just one of the projects that has been occupying my entrepreneurial husband lately, and so it has been occupying me too. Its a great project that I am so proud of him for pursuing and so I get bragging rights to share here.

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