Tuesday Pancakes with Honeycrisp + Date + Hazelnut Compote

November 10, 2010

Tuesday started with a typical, damp, dark grey sunrise over the city calling an end to a very complete and satisfying nights’ sleep. Monday was a doozy – working, preparing for an upcoming trip to California, and an aggressive, technical 15 mile trail run in the forest to ice the cake. We could certainly have stayed tucked into the loft for the remains of the day, recovering and ignoring email/phone/appointments/etc. Walking Gunner through our quiet, cold neighborhood in the rain proved to be enough for my husband to make THE executive decision (as he tends to do.)

Tuesday would be Sunday all over again, starting with pancakes. (Insert wiggle of glee here!)

Derek does have a few dishes up his sleeve that he pulls out just frequently enough that they are some of the most special things we eat. His pancake repertoire goes back to a point in time when he needed a tiny step stool to get his little arms up over the countertop enough to mix the ingredients in the bowl. His is a recipe that he learned from his Dutch mother, but is one that he perfected alone – little Derek in feety pajamas  would have a whole plate of steamy pancakes whipped up before the other members of his family had even budged from their slumber. These are not Stick-To-Your-Rib-Pancakes, they are more akin to the crepes of Europe and thus they need an accompaniment. So, when he starts whipping the pancake ingredients I have the pure enjoyment of creating a marriage with fruits, nuts, and creams that we have on hand.

This is our favorite version – with an apple/date saute and some hazelnuts tossed into the mix. I like a very little bit of greek yogurt spread on my pancake before I fill them with the compote and roll, but both Derek and I agree that maple syrup is an absolute must. Then, we sit down to enjoy our work, raising coffee cups in a toast. To Tuesday!

We love using local, Washington grown honeycrisp apples to make this sauteed compote, but Fuji and Braeburn apples would also be nice!


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