Favorites List 4.17.2017 : Where Sport and Cuisine Collide

April 21, 2017

I’m out on the road again in California – cooking, riding, talking about food and bikes and the places they take us. And not in the bike-part-bro-down-way, but in the “did you see that house covered in rose bushes? Did you smell it when we whizzed past?” I’m traveling with SRAM’s Open the Road Series here at Sea Otter this weekend and we’re soaking up green hills, ripping down ribbons of dirt between them, and then heading home to sip on a beer and have a snack in the sun and talk about…whatever moves us. It’s probably the best way I can imagine to crack open, talk about experiences and get a little bit deeper into our everyday.  Sport and cuisine are colliding in real ways (not just on Instagram,) in real life, all over the place. And, not surprisingly, I’m really excited about it. Even if you’re not an avid runner, or cyclist, or

As we were spinning through the hills last night with a group of 25 new best friends, we asked around the group what everyone’s favorite ride food was. A few folks answered first with their favorite energy bar, but as the conversation continued, more and more real foods came out: peanut butter, bananas, prosciutto sandwiches, cookies. YES! 

It’s not just in your mind, or in your belly. Sport and cuisine are colliding in real ways (not just on Instagram,) in real life, all over the place. And, not surprisingly, I’m really excited about it. Even if you’re not an avid runner, or cyclist, or outdoorswoman/man, there’s good here for you; because the way that we all think about food is getting a little cleaner, a little healthier, a little more fun and a whole lot more delicious for everyone.  

After this grand weekend of bikes/friends/food/beer ends, I’ll be staying on in California for more of the same – helping cycling and cuisine collide. Sometimes for the sake of great taste memories brought on by a great bike ride, other times just because eating and riding feels good. And after that, there’s even more to come. So, I wanted to share with you a few favorite places where food + sport will be colliding this summer, man of them are places you can find me cooking, riding, eating, enjoying so you can join in the fun (if you’re that sort of person which, if you’re reading this — you already are.)

SRAM – Open the Road Series at Sea Otter – April 20th – 23rd, 2017 : Monterey, California

Join me, dear friend + ex-World Tour rider Ted King, Chef Chris Cosentino and the amazing crew from SRAM for a series of rides to dig into this great place and try out the greatest new technology on bikes. (Hint: we’ll have the BEST ride food in Monterey!) And, if you miss this weekend, they’ll be traveling with the series through California, Maine and more this summer. Friday night Chris and I are cooking up a post-ride meal you won’t soon forget!

CampoVelo – April 28th-30th, 2017 : Napa Valley, California

Chefs, cyclists, wine, beer and food lovers collide in Napa Valley for a weekend of celebrating food, bikes, and the conversations and taste memories they create. I’ll be cooking up ride food along side some incredible chefs and friends and we’ll ride some incredible roads! All proceeds benefit…

ChefsCycle for No Kid Hungry – May 15th-18th, 2017 : Santa Rosa, California

The ultimate collision of cuisine + cycling, 300 of my fellow chefs will convene in Santa Rosa for a 300-mile, 3-day challenge to raise $2.5 million dollars for NoKidHungry, an organization helping to get healthy breakfasts and happy eating habits into hungry children in the United States. Last year we were successful in reaching our $1m goal….help us get there! If you’re a chef or culinary professional, join us. If you’re not, please consider donating to our cause, here on my personal page or here on our Team Colorado page!! 

Rapha Rides – Summer 2017: Worldwide and across North America

Across the U.S. and the world, Rapha will be visiting 20 cities to celebrate and uncover local knowledge; the places to visit, the roads to ride, the shortcuts to take, the vistas to see…and the things to eat. Join me as I cook up a storm across the country with some of our nations greatest culinary talents (all cyclists!) It’s gonna be delicious!

Maybe you’re going to be enjoying food + cycling from your living room…and that’s ok. You can tune in here to my Bike Bites page on the Liv // Giant Cycling blog, and here on this site, of course. 

I hope to see you out there, and to share something delicious with you all SOON! 

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