Yellowstone Club Granola Bars

December 4, 2010

There is a storied private ski club, set up in the mountains above Big Sky, Montana. Its a quiet, exclusive and pristine place where all of your mountain dreams DO come true.

Valley vistas that don’t end. Champagne powder up to your belly button. Fresh tracks at 4pm on the third day after a big snow fall. Concierge that knows your name and how you like your coffee, your cider, your brandy. Warming huts at each lift, packed with all of the snacks that you dreamed about when you were little, in addition to roaring fireplaces, boot warmers, blankets so soft you think they might be clouds yanked from the sky just for you. A little tyke might answer that this is the place where Santa was born and where all the good boys and girls go in their dreams. And for all I know, he could be right.

There is a welcoming committee that, when you arrive, escorts you into the lodge, where you are greeted with an impressive spread of fabulous treats, the morning paper, and a tantalizing view of the slopes you are about to devour.

The first time I ever had the absolute privilege to be welcomed into this lodge,  these granola bars called my name from the extensive glass and mahogany bar they were perched upon. I had to ski a couple of extra runs (twist my arm) just to enjoy a couple of extra bites. Luckily for me, the Chef of this magical kitchen at this magnificent little spot in the world was very gracious in sharing a few secrets with me so that I could re-create a smidgen of Yellowstone Club magic in my own home.

When most think of luxury, they think of foie gras, caviar, and champagne toasts, so I hear. All of which would certainly be available to you upon request at the YC, I am sure. This little tomboy is completely spoiled with an indulgent granola bar.


I use pecans and macadamia nuts here, but you could use your favorite nuts instead. Likewise with the dried fruits. If you like dried bananas, you won’t be disappointed by the use of whole dried cavendish bananas instead of those rock hard little banana chips. You can find dried cavendish bananas at your local natural foods purveyor. Likewise with the natural marshmallows – usually these are made without gelatin (an animal byproduct that can just as easily be substituted with a vegetable gel.) They also contain fewer preservatives and melt easier into the butter. Necessary adjustments.



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