Raspberry Macaroon Tart

    May 16, 2016
    Raspberry Macaroon Tart

    I’m a rather organized, reasonable and strategic person… with a few specific exceptions: #1: Chocolate chip situations: I don’t measure them. I can’t explain it. Pastry chefs are the “brain surgeons” of the kitchen, required to abide by weights + measures so I know better, and yet I still can’t shake the idea that more is more. #2: When I walk into this store: something comes over me (perhaps it’s this amazing smell.) Money leaps out of my wallet without asking and new…

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  • Mission Avocado Toast

    Mission Avocado Toast

    I packed my suitcase those first days in March, anticipating that I wouldn’t really “come back home” again until today. A lot can happen in two months, and there were many things that didn’t…

    May 5, 2016
  • Caramel Corn Candy Bars

    Milk Chocolate + Caramel Corn Candy Bars

    All the things we do, and say, and think — they’re like little seeds that we plant out in the world. We may not be around to watch them sprout, but oh, be sure…

    April 7, 2016
  • Children chase us as we ride through the streets of Kaymandi.

    Cape Epic :: The Power of Bicycles

    Last night – as the sun was setting, illuminating the mountains – we kicked up dust with bicycle wheels, riding through the streets of the Kayamandi township; Bud and I were on bikes that we…

    March 11, 2016
  • Root Beer Cake

    Root Beer Cake

    “How can we ever possibly know the “realms” we live in if we don’t test the boundaries? If we don’t push the limits just a bit to see if the walls that surround us…

    March 4, 2016
  • Becoming Epic Everyday

    Cape Epic :: The Unknowns of Being Epic Everyday

    Overwhelmed, relieved, frightened, nervous, excited, elated. These are all the adjectives I’m pretty sure I jammed into my announcements as I stood up on a dust-covered work bench to speak to the some 200 folks gathered…

    February 22, 2016
  • Coconut + Vanilla Bean Birthday Cake

    Coconut + Vanilla Bean Birthday Cake

    So you know by now that I celebrate my birthday for an entire month.  Let me clarify that I don’t do this to open up the door for a month to be showered with affection,…

    February 10, 2016
  • My Darkest Chocolate Brownies

    My Darkest Chocolate Brownies

    There was a time in my life when I spent 20-some hours a week training for Ironman. This time is so far in the past now that I can barely remember what it was…

    January 18, 2016