Why work with an Ayurvedic Practitioner?

I started studying Eastern medicine because I knew that the cravings, instincts, and intuitions my body was sharing with me had meaning. I knew that when it all came down to the wire, my spirit – my desire and deep sense of self-trust – were what would make the difference, whether I was pushing towards a finish line, or staring down an obstacle, finding the confidence to make the leap to better. Ayurveda was the key to the world of athletic and human potential I’d been longing for. This ancient philosophy unlocked a door left unacknowledged by my doctors, nutritionists, and Western medicine at large, undermining my potential as an athlete and human.

There’s a lot of noise in the world of “wellness,” and even more confusion about what creates peak performance, health + vitality. As high-achieving individuals, it can be challenging to trust that we’re listening to the right sources, that we’ve found the right solutions, and the right remedies to get us where we want to go. The truth is that no one else can be an expert on your body, your mind, your spirit, and your well-being. YOU have always been and will always be the expert you’re longing to meet. Working with an Ayurvedic practitioner is the first step in embracing that innate power. As your Ayurvedic health counselor, I’m behind you to help you learn more about your unique system, the way that nature’s rhythms interact and shape well-being, and to be your guide on the journey of deciphering your body’s intuitions, messages and clues about what it needs to feel and perform at it’s best.

My clients are folx like you – living lives in motion. Their plates are full of big goals, high expectations, and low thresholds for error. Many of them are also some of the most incredible athletes on the planet and their hands are full of juggling plates, balls, and sometimes first ascents, Olympic medals, World Championship titles, and more. Others are ordinarily extraordinary humans with goals for self-actualization, and a deep desire to live wholly and completely. They’ve all come to trust that exceptional performance, joy, health, and well-being are in their nature. And as collaborators, we create harmony — between the flow of nature outside, and the universe of possibility within.

The time-tested, ancient teachings of Ayurvedic medicine guide that harmonization. This medicine invites us to tune out the noise and to look at nature – to catch our own current and learn to glide with it. Simply put, Ayurveda teaches us that the power to be well, to perform beautifully and optimally, is in our own hands, so long as we flow with the flow – around us and within us.

What to expect

Ayurveda recognizes that there is no universal diet or practice to “optimize all beings.” Instead,  this philosophy holds the wisdom to look at the unique needs of the individual and provides time-tested, lo-fi tools to drop into our high-impact, modern lives, goals, and ambitions, allowing the emergence of  new path into a deeper experience.

Together, we’ll look at your unique body type (called your dosha,) your surrounding environment, your current state of life, the present state of being, athletic goals, and bio-individuality to identify what diet and lifestyle measures can help bring you into greater alignment with your potential as a human, and athlete. Whether you’re aiming to perform better in sport or life (or both!) this process never loses it’s personalization, in fact, it only becomes more deeply so as we go.

Through our work, I’ll create a custom protocol for you that may include food, recipes, lifestyle practices, breath, movement, body care, meditation, and herbs. And, if you’re an athlete in training, we’ll work to create a protocol that fits in with your present training calendar and aligns with the recommendations of other coaches and practitioners on your team. Your daily routine will reflect where you’re at while infusing ancient wisdom into your modern life, without sacrificing the integrity, progress or beauty of both.

Please note: Because of the intricacy + unique collaboration in this work, new clients are only onboarded as part of a New Client Package consisting of three consecutive consultations. This allows us to truly, and completely create an Ayurvedic plan that works and produces results. Once the New Client Package is complete, clients are able to book individual sessions to continue to work and fine-tune their diets and lifestyles as their lives shift and change.

New Client Package

What’s included:

**All client sessions – both local and international – take place over Google Meet video conferencing and correspondence takes place over email.

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