Thoughts + praise from Ayurvedic Clients

“Every morning my first thought questioned when I would be able to go back to bed.  Years of intense training, grief, travel, and well, life, had caught up to me, and then proceeded to flatten me. Deep exhaustion, lots of random sickness, trouble training consistently. I thought I would need at least a year to come back to some sort of normalcy.  Lentine reinflated me. There are no gimmicks with her work. No expensive supplements or tasteless powders or strict diets. Instead, it’s nurturing delicious food, attainable centering morning routines, and a rewrite of the destructive internal thought tracks.  The work, and the work you have to do in return, encompasses all parts of being a human. She has taught me to know myself and what I need. Though I still ask her questions, mostly because she’s just one of those radiant people you want to interact with as much as possible, I’ve learned how to navigate the effects of stress and travel and work on my own. She could help you become independently healthy and whole too, or more likely you’ll be like me and continue to pay her to be my friend…I mean Ayurvedic coach, nutritionist, and therapist. Her work has been a tremendous gift.”

– Hadley, professional skier


As a 39 year old male, you wouldn’t think I would develop an aversion to “real” food. I began to rely heavily on all the wrong products to get me through my rides, and fuel my recovery. Admittedly, I was often scared to real food, fearing the nutrients were not what I really needed. Since becoming a member, and really trying to understand your (and Allen Lim’s) approach to real food, it has been a real game changer. Physically, not much has changed, which is great. Mentally, I am much more relaxed, and I have come to realize I won’t gain weight, lose all my riding performance, ect, eating real food, that actually tastes great.

Mike, cyclist


I remember talking about putting the final nail in the coffin re: disordered eating patterns, and reflecting on the past couple months, I think it’s safe to say we achieved that!!! Words can’t express how much that means to me to feel free from the harmful thoughts and patterns that gnawed at me for the better part of the past decade. I feel at ease with food these days and, the best part, I am able to let it go on days where I maybe overate for emotional comfort or got a little snacky when the anxiety was high. What I can really feel now is a sense of contentment knowing that “good” days and “bad” days don’t really exist anymore — I can look at life from the wider view of all choices (food and otherwise) having the ability to be supportive and healthy.  I have more energy and feel even more bliss whenever I get out and move my body. It’s a real gift that I hope to continue nurturing for myself and for others.

Taylor, runner + massage therapist 


Nutrition and wellness can feel daunting these days — often riddled with complex protocols or the latest fads and biohacks. Fortunately the experience of working with Lentine is far more fun, delicious, and effective! Lentine provides a manageable introduction into the practices of Ayurveda and adapts them to your modern lifestyle. Some of the greatest teachers are those who provide thoughtful framing and then let the student do the driving. This experience felt very similar: Lentine shares insightful and right-sized orientation to Ayurveda, and with this knowledge in hand, you’re empowered to make food and lifestyle decisions in alignment with your own inner wisdom and unique needs. These sessions really pack a punch: in three manageable meetings, you can learn personalized skills and practices that will bolster you in all facets of life!

-Emily, lifelong athlete + trailrunner