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When I started my blog in 2005, I did so to keep my family and friends up to date on my travels. I would never have imagined that the stories I was telling about deepening my human experience and understanding of the world through food, sport, and a deeper connection with nature would have been powerful to a wider audience. But now, telling these stories – about reconnection, about bravery, about trying new things, pushing limits + taking better care of ourselves and the planet is a great deal of my work.

I choose the media I share, and the companies I partner with much like I choose my ingredients in the kitchen with integrity, trust, and a deep interest in where the energy is from, and where it’s going.

Whether it’s a single-time message we’re looking to share, or an ongoing story we’re telling together, a shared mission to help people take better care of themselves and the planet + connect more deeply with nature and with their human experience is important to me. 

A few partnerships past + present: Specialized Bicycle Company, Rapha Racing, SRAM, Zipp Speed, Patagonia, Graza, , Outside Media and more.

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