Kitchen 101: Secrets of Perfect Pie Crust

If you’ve been watching my Instagram or Twitter feeds lately, you’ve seen that I’ve been completely and totally preoccupied with pies.

Being engrossed in all things PIE at this time of year has to be the most luxurious pass time I can imagine; the sun sets too quickly now, leaving fewer hours that are light enough (or warm enough) to be exploring outside and so what better way to spend the remains of the day than drinking wine, rolling pie crust, and filling the house with smells of toasted cinnamon + sugar + butter?

Now, I recognize that pies give more than a few of you anxiety because they are often multi-step projects that – when life gets busy and science gets weird – can turn out being less fantastic than the pie dreams you had prior to embarking on your own journey of butter/sugar/love. It’s true: pie making from scratch requires a few significant steps, that are best carried out when you know the little secrets to making a pie stellar. Lucky for you, you have a friend like me who’s willing to share the magic. (And, there are a few links to my favorite pie crusts below so you can get cracking once you’re in the know!)

So, without further ado – I give you the secrets of perfect pie crust:

– If your dough is really resistant: let the dough rest a full 40 minutes before handling it again. Simply shape it into a circle, wrap it tightly in plastic and refrigerate it. Letting the dough rest allows the gluten to relax so that you can roll it out more easily.

– If your dough is really sticky: before you go to roll out the dough, use a VERY small amount of flour to dust each side of the dough, then sandwich it between two pieces of plastic wrap or parchment. Roll it out to the recommended size between the plastic, then, peel one side of the plastic or parchment off and lay the dough into the pie pan. This prevents your hands from warming it, from the dough getting stuck on the counter top, and from you getting frustrated.

Ready to get busy w/that pie? Here are a few of my favorite recipes to try out.

A Favorite Whole Grain Pie Crust (best for fruit pies!)

-Maple Sugar Shortbread Crust for Pumpkin Pie

Lemon + Thyme Pastry (for Fig + Berry Galette!)

Enjoy these, and all the buttery mischief they require!

I’ll be back later this week with an all new pie recipe…just in time for the rest of the celebrating/feasting/merrimaking! Here’s hoping your holiday is off to a bright start! – xo L