Ayurvedic Consultation :: 90-Minute Check-In (Ongoing Clients Only)

Finished your New Client Package and looking to touch base and become reconnected with the Ayurvedic wisdom you learned during our work together? This 90-minute individual session is for you. We're review your intake form, revisit new health concerns, rebalance your recommendations and get you realigned with this ancient-yet-applicable approach.
  • 1x 90-minute sessions
  • refreshed individualized resources + herbal recommendations
  • this consultation does not include unlimited text or email access
Ideal for:
  • existing clients with new health concerns they want to address with Ayurveda
  • existing clients looking to refresh their recommendations
  • existing clients looking to get specific dietary or lifestyle recommendations for a race, circumstance or life event
  • existing clients whom aren't ready to make the leap into a quarterly or monthly check-in cadence

Ongoing Client Single Consultation Sessions

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