Ayurvedic Consultation :: 12-Session Monthly Check-In Package

FOR EXISTING / ONGOING CLIENTS ONLY: Springboarding off of our New Client collaborative work, monthly check-ins keep the collaboration of Ayurvedic work flowing seamlessly, and allow us to answer everyday questions such as "was this food/experience beneficial for me," and "how might I adjust my nutrition for this event or circumstance?" as well as larger questions such as "how can I embrace a seasonal protocol to optimize my health and performance for the year to come?" Monthly check-ins allow us to truly continue deep diving into Ayurveda together, while you acquire deeper body wisdom, cultivating lifestyle and dietary practices and routines that balance your life/sport, and explore more completely the nuances that make you uniquely YOU. Perfect for individuals and athletes looking to focus their Ayurvedic investigation on everyday, long-term routine and benefit. Includes:
  • 12x 60-minute sessions
  • unlimited email + text access
  • annual Recipe Club membership
  • individualized resource materials, seasonal cleanse protocol, product discounts and more
Ideal for: 
  • clients looking to incorporate Ayurveda into their lives in a meaningful, long-lasting way
  • athletes looking to land holistic nutrition practices for training and racing, as well as to fine tune fueling strategies on a situational basis
  • active humans looking to stay aligned all through the year

Ongoing Client Consultation Packages

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