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Ayurvedic Consultation : Ongoing Client – Quarterly Check-in Package





After their New Client Packages have concluded, many clients find that they’re eager to maintain their new found balance, to continue cultivating deep body wisdom and to learn more about Ayurveda. And, staying in touch through Quarterly Check-Ins is a wonderful way to do all of that! Quarterly check-ins allow us to continue the work we started during your initial consultations, and to dive even more deeply into our collaboration, continuously cultivating practices and routines that balance your life/sport, and exploring the nuances that make you uniquely YOU.

Quarterly clients choose the cadence of their check-in sessions to suit their lifestyles; whether you’re interested in creating a rhythm around your racing season, Ayurvedic cleansing rituals, or another work/life/sport calendar, quarterly check-ins are a perfect way to keep in touch with Ayurveda’s holistic wisdom while you live your modern life.


  • 4x 90-minute sessions
  • unlimited email + text access
  • annual Recipe Club membership
  • individualized resources, seasonal cleanse protocol, product discounts and more

Ideal for: 

  • clients interested in the incorporation of Ayurvedic practices on a seasonal basis
  • athletes looking to incorporate Ayurvedic wisdom into their training and racing calendars
  • exceptional humans looking to weave Ayurvedic medicine into their annual calendar in a meaningful way